“I use the simulator to prepare before races and especially in the off-season (winter). You learn the track down to the last inch, both braking points and turning points, and find the best racing line before seeing the track live. It helps me make suspension and drivetrain adjustments for the specific track, which gives me a huge advantage. It takes me a few laps to get into the groove.”

Stefan Tsankov – Archie

“For me, a big part of piloting is concentration, muscle memory, and composure. Through Sim racing, you can constantly practice these things and always be one step ahead.”

Teodor Georgiev


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Many auto racing fans long for the opportunity to experience a race car and world-famous tracks. A safe and inexpensive option is virtual motorsport at home. In sim racing, the laws of physics of driving are simulated as accurately as possible, and the loss of traction.

The only requirements are the right software, hardware and appropriate peripheral equipment. SIM racing is much more than a simple computer game and is undoubtedly a legitimate training option for hobbyists and professionals alike.