Diagnosis is the most complex and responsible thing in any repair.

Accurate diagnosis is a must for every case we encounter.

To deal adequately with any problem, we study and examine every symptom in detail to arrive at a sure solution to the problem. Our years of experience with the BMW brand help us know the common issues and factory defects.

It is essential for any diagnostician to know and understand all the processes taking place in the vehicle, as well as being intimately familiar with its structure. It is necessary to constantly learn the new developments in car models, engines, control systems, and the software for coding, programming, diagnostics, and the special tools to work with them. We also have alternative software that allows us to do things impossible for official workshops.

  • Clogging from soot on the intake manifold and head ports
  • Smoking from the exhaust after an extended stay in place
  • Irregular cold running off the engine
  • Strange sounds from VANOS
  • Loss of power at low revs
  • Gearbox over-revving
  • Tyre pressure indication problem
  • A continuous restart of the navigation system
  • Battery discharging
  • DPF clogging
  • Presence of water in trunk and other places
  • Loss of hot/cold from air conditioning