General Terms of Use


Mirafiori Association is an association with registered office and management address. SOFIA, Bistritsa, ul. UIC 176080270

Mirafiori Association administers the website MIRAFIORI.BG

You can contact MIRAFIORI at the address gr. Sofia, bul. Asen Yordanov 3, by phone +359 887 306 727 or by e-mail [email protected].

Declaration of rights and responsibilities

When you use the RESOURCES of the WEBSITE “”, you agree to be bound by these GENERAL CONDITIONS, which takes place immediately upon the initial use of any part of the RESOURCES of the WEBSITE. If you do not agree to be bound by the current GENERAL TERMS, please do not use the RESOURCES of this WEBSITE and the information and SERVICES provided therein, including: any materials in the form of text, images, audio, video, program code and/or snippets thereof.

The moment of being bound by these GENERAL CONDITIONS coincides with the moment of opening the WEBSITE from the DOMAIN. The USER shall then make an “electronic statement” within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, declaring that he/she wishes and intends to use the WEBSITE SERVICES, and that he/she has read and agrees to these GENERAL CONDITIONS and undertakes to comply with them in good faith.

I. Definitions and Definitions

In interpreting and applying these GENERAL CONDITIONS, the capitalized terms and expressions listed below shall have the following meanings in the text:

1. 1. “GENERAL CONDITIONS” shall mean all of the terms and provisions listed in the “GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE” section.

2. “DOMAIN” shall mean the aggregate space of “” consisting of multiple nodes and the WEBSITES, mail and other servers located thereon on the global Internet network. The DOMAIN “” is accessible through its unified address by HTTP, HTTPS, IP or other standardized protocol and contains in its nodes files, program code, text, images, audio and video materials, as well as other materials and resources.

3. “WEBSITE” means a separate location on the global Internet network with the DOMAIN address “”, accessible via its URL via HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, program code, text, images, audio and video materials, as well as other materials and resources.

4. The term “LINK” shall mean any hyperlink placed with an electronic address of the corresponding web page, redirecting the USER to the WEBSITE of the same DOMAIN or to other websites on the World Wide Web by “clicking” on it.

5. “RESOURCES” means the information materials and products provided to the USER on the WEBSITE “”, including: databases, software, news, publications, text, images, photographic images, video, audio, programming code and/or fragments of programming code.

6. “SERVICES” means all RESOURCES provided to the USER within the HOME ” “.

7. “USER(S)” means any natural person who accesses and uses the WEBSITES, SERVICES and RESOURCES provided within the WEBSITE.

8. “REGISTEREE” means the person in whose name the DOMAIN ” ” is registered, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for Registration and Maintenance of .BG Domains.

9. “MALFUNCTIONS” shall be understood as any acts or omissions violating the ethical standards of conduct on the Internet and the Copyright and Related Rights Act, or causing damage to the REGISTRANT, USERS or third parties. HARMFUL ACTIVITIES include:

– sending unsolicited mail (spam/junk mail);

– artificially generating high traffic in order to disrupt the WEBSITES of the WEBSITE and prevent other USERS from using them (flood);

– committing acts that may be interpreted as industrial espionage or sabotage, destroying information systems or data sets (crack);

– spreading Trojan horses or causing the installation of viruses or unauthorised remote control software (malware, spyware);

– gaining access to RESOURCES and SERVICES with someone else’s user account; exploiting vulnerabilities in systems for personal gain or to obtain information (hack);

– interfering with third party access to the Internet and other computer networks;

– committing any criminal acts, administrative offences or torts under Bulgarian law or the law of another EU country.

– use of methods leading to the forced loading of content unwanted by USERS (“pop-up”, “blind link” and similar).

10. “MODERATOR” will be understood as a person representing part of the team of ” “, who has the task of reviewing the USER CONTENT and comments and whether they are compatible with these GENERAL CONDITIONS. MODERATOR shall act as a facilitator and use a neutral approach to resolve conflicts and disputes between USERS within the HOME ” ”

II. When using the DOMAIN, the USER unconditionally undertakes:

1. To comply with Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, these GENERAL CONDITIONS, and good morals;

2. Not to violate the property or non-property rights and interests of third parties or of the REGISTRANT such as property rights, intellectual property rights, copyrights, etc.; to promptly notify ” ” of any case of detected infringement in the use of the SERVICES provided;

3. Not to carry out MALINANT ACTIVITIES.

The USER’s access will be immediately terminated in the event of information about the violation of any of the provisions of the GENERAL CONDITIONS or the USER’s performance of MALFUNCTIONS.

III. Rights over the content of the WEBSITE

1. All elements of the content of the WEBSITE, including but not limited to databases, software, news, publications, text, images, photographic images, video, audio, programming code and/or fragments of programming code, and other information, constitute copyrightable material within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act or other laws governing intellectual property rights, and are the property of the REGISTRANT and/or third parties. Any distribution, use, reproduction, modification, public display, etc. of any part or all of the content of the WEBSITE without the prior written consent of the REGISTRANT or the respective copyright holders is prohibited and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

2. The SERVICES provided by DOMAIN are intended for personal use only, and the USER may not distribute in any way the materials published within DOMAIN, or copy, print on paper or record and distribute on digital media more of them than is presumably necessary to satisfy his personal needs. All copyright and other proprietary notices and watermarks on content located within DOMAIN must be preserved.

3. When components or materials of the DOMAIN are saved on electronic media by the USER or printed for personal and non-commercial use, the USER shall retain and provide notice of the RESTRICTED RIGHTS of the REGISTRANT and/or third parties on each copy.

IV. Responsibilities

1. The REGISTRANT shall not be liable for any interference or technical problems preventing access to and use of the SERVICES and RESOURCES resulting from the USER’s operation of the computer or other electronic equipment (hardware or software problem, Internet connectivity problem, etc.).

2. The REGISTRAR shall not be liable in the event that the USER is affected by computer viruses or other similar malware disrupting the normal operation of the computer or other electronic equipment while using the RESOURCES AND SERVICES of the DOMAIN.

3. The REGISTRAR is not responsible for the content of other websites accessed through LINKS published within the DOMAIN, or for any consequences that may arise for the USER in connection with their use, the content, privacy or security policies of such websites.

4. The REGISTRAR makes reasonable efforts to maintain up-to-date information from sources it perceives to be reliable, but does not warrant that it is, nor is it responsible for its accuracy or that access to it is uninterrupted.

5. The DOMAIN contains translations of material by third parties (other than the authors of the relevant material), for the accuracy, correctness and completeness of which the REGISTRAR makes no warranty and accepts no responsibility.

6. The REGISTRANT reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to suspend temporarily or permanently the provision of access to the WEBSITES from the DOMAIN in order to modify their content, as well as to discontinue the provision of the SERVICES entirely.

7. The USER shall be liable for all losses, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of profits arising out of or in connection with his access to and use of the RESOURCES of the WEBSITE.

8. The USER shall indemnify the REGISTRAR for any act or omission of the USER which infringes or contributes to the infringement of any intellectual property right or other right within the DOMAIN.

V. Modification of the GENERAL CONDITIONS

These GENERAL CONDITIONS may be changed unilaterally at any time and without notice by the REGISTRANT. It is the USER’s responsibility to periodically monitor for changes. Use of the HOME RESOURCES or any portion thereof after the date of the changes will be deemed acceptance of the updated terms and conditions, which shall be effective upon posting within the HOME RESOURCES.

VI. Additional Provisions

1. In the event that any provision of these GENERAL CONDITIONS shall prove to be invalid, such invalidity shall not be deemed to render the GENERAL CONDITIONS in their entirety invalid or insignificant. The invalid clause will be replaced by the relevant provisions of law or established practice, and the USER will not be released from its obligation under the GENERAL CONDITIONS.

2. In all matters not covered by these GENERAL CONDITIONS, the provisions of the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

3. All disputes relating to these GENERAL CONDITIONS which the parties have not been able to resolve by verbal dialogue and by mutual agreement shall be referred to the competent authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria.