As you know, the systems in modern cars are controlled by electronic modules. Due to the variety of car models and the variations of extras and equipment, the modules are trained to drive differently. For example, cars made for the US market use a different radio frequency, different dials (empire system). They have several additional requirements from vehicle lights, warning systems, and tank tightness all the way down to a system to reduce ozone in the air via the water radiator. Here we’ve outlined the most commonly desired features and extras that you might want to unlock or change how they work.

Coding of commonly desired options:

  • Start-stop system memory
  • Daytime running lights
  • Remove unbuckled belt alert
  • Mirror, window, and panorama switch
  • Self-locking at a certain speed
  • Remove forgotten key message
  • Removal of tire pressure monitoring extra via sensors
  • Digital speedometer
  • HUD information turn signals + entertainment
  • Firing without pressing brake or clutch
  • Window out function after door opening
  • Power trunk closure by key
  • Display of instantaneous consumption and digital speed on dashboard
  • Full tank capacity unlock on i3 + REX
  • Recalibration of speedometer with another dial
  • Calibration of quick flow rate to indicate oil temperature e6x, e9x


  • Original logo M, Christmas, i, + others 
  • Video in motion
  • Apple CarPlay + fullscreen
  • Music from a Bluetooth device
  • M sport display
  • Changing the look of the navigation system Id5 to id6
  • Codec support (.avi, .mp4, .mkv, .m4v, etc.) codecs XVID,XVCD,OGG
  • AUX
  • Mp3 support at CCC
  • Remove Legal Disclaimer message
  • Change region (USA, Canada to Europe and vice versa)
  • Radio frequencies (to recognize even frequencies)
  • Led lights, high beam assist
  • Lights (flasher on separate section)
  • Navigation charts